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  • Gauze Lap Sponge
  • Gauze Lap Sponge
  • Gauze Lap Sponge
Gauze Lap SpongeGauze Lap SpongeGauze Lap Sponge

Gauze Lap Sponge

  • material:Pure 100% cotton yarn fabric
  • Sterile: EO sterilized
  • sterilization types: Gama Ray, ETO
  • Application: hospitals,Cinics,
  • Description: Gauze Lap Sponge

Gauze Lap Sponge

 1. Pure 100% cotton yarn fabric

 2. The sterilization has two types: Gama Ray, ETO

 3. Absorbency =3-5s, whiteness =80% A

 4.Soft and higher of absorbency with 100% all natural cotton

 5.Mesh of 7,9,11,13,17,20thereads/cm2

 6.Mesh of 40s/19x9,18x10,20x12,19x15,24x20,26x18,30x20 , 25x 17

 7. Item size:45 x 45cm-2ply, 30 x 30cm-4ply, 45 x 90cm-4ply, 45 x 45cm-4ply, 30 x 30cm-4ply, 45 x 90cm-4ply  etc.

 8.washed and non-washed

 9.With or without x-ray

 10.Expiry Date:3years for sterile, 5years for non-sterile

11.Conform to international standard: BP and USP.

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