Surgical pack

Hip pack

  • Material : SMS/hydrophilic PP+PE nonwoven
  • Sterile: EO sterilized
  • Color: biue
  • Application: hospitals,Cinics,
  • Description: Hip pack

Hip pack

1 Table cover 150cmx200cm             2pcs

2 U style drape  200cmx260cm                1pc

3 Mayo stand cover 78cmx145cm              1pc

4 hand towel 40cmx40cm                 4pcs

5 Reinforced surgical gown L               2pc

6 head drape 150cmx240cm             1pc

7foot drape 150cmx200cm              1pc

8 Side drape 75cmx90cm                1pc

9 op- tape 10cmx50cm                  2pcs

10 wrapper  100cmx100cm               1pcs

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